Experience in the Community

Isa began her career as an actress in Theatre, Television and Film.  She also performed her own solo shows on the Edinburgh Fringe.  She has taken a play into Wormwood Scrubbs and performed it to the "lifers" .

As her background is from the world of performing arts , her workshops have a physical and dynamic quality to them, which makes them a compelling experience.

She has been screened by the Criminal Records Bureau.
Art for All painting and creativity workshops are flexible tailor-made art packages designed and adapted to suit all sectors of the community.

Isa Levy set up Art
for All workshops following  research in
her community.  She found that many vital areas of creative
expression have suffered financial cut-backs.  Also the impact
of busy life-styles and materialistic goals can deplete the
emotional and expressive centre that resides in the heart of
each one of us - and reaches far beyond the language of intellect,
intelligence and words.

Although Isa Levy has been involved with creative expression all
her life as an actress/singer/writer/musician, she  showed no
aptitude for art in the classroom, herself.

In her early 40's, she found it  an awesome and welcome miracle
to find herself the painter of some 400 paintings.

As a late starter in the field of the visual arts, she feels that individual creative expression is a very powerful field of energy, (often untapped), in every one of us, whether we are old or young, rich or poor, sick or well.

for All workshops are primarily safe places to explore with colour, joy, paint, music, meditation, rhythm and verbal sharing, the depth of expression within oneself.

They use
paint, collage, drawing, wire mesh, clay and pastels.

The workshops are non-judgemental, non-interpretive and non-analytical. They lean on
fun, spontaneity, connection, communication and the wonderful world of self-discovery.  They look into creative blocks, inhibitions and creative isolation.
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Art for All
Groups are relatively small between 6 to 8 participants

Workshops can be booked individually or as part of a series

Session length : 2 Hour (Minimum)

Half and Full Day also
Experience in the Community

   •  Confidence

   •  Trust

   •  Intimacy

   •  Play and fun

   •  Self-esteem/Self-Acceptance

   •  Relating and Listening

   •  Stress Release
In the community Isa has facilitated creativity workshops into the areas of :

  •  Disability

  •  Terminal Illness

  •  Women with Mental Health issues (Abuse/Eating Disorders)

  •  Nursery/Primary Schools

  •  Care and Nursing Homes (Head of Activities BUPA Home)

  •  Elderly

  •  Hospitals/Hospices

She was awarded a bursary to study at the Slade School of Fine Art
and lives in Highgate and has a studio in Wood Green.


  •  Mexico Gallery, Hampstead

  •  Lauderdale House, Highgate

  •  Quaker Gallery, St. Martin's Lane

  •  Highgate Fine Art

  •  Not the Royal Academy, Waterloo

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